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Jiminy chips potato chip equipment

A Simple, Complete, Turnkey Snack Program.

The Jiminy SnacKing Machine package


When your company subscribes to our program, 

We will provide the equipment,

 the know how and training,

 and all necesary ingredients to 

produce awesome product.

Contact us for a complete and comprehansive presentation.


From the computerized assisted cooking, 

to the Nano technology to make the chips 

reduce the oil retention of each chip, 

to the natural ingredients used to produce the premium Jiminy Chips,

 or your private label brand.


Sea Salt

Mustard (award winning)



Salt & Vinegar

White Cheddar

Chocolate Marshmallow

Apple Cinnamon 


Jiminy In The News

Voted “Best Potato Chips to eat On Their Own”.
— Real Simple Magazine

“These crispy, fresh-tasting potato chips are cooked on-site. Will win over the chips obsessed.”
— Chicago Tribune

“Not only is the display entertaining, the chips are awesome.”
— Chicago Sun-Times

“I don’t think I let anyone else close to my bag… just don’t leave without a couple bags of Jiminy Chips.”
— Deborah Pankey, Daily Herald 


 What makes JiMiNY products fresh?
JiMiNY chips are produced daily. 

What potatoes do you use to make your chips?
JiMiNY uses only premium potatoes from local farms, sourced by JiMiNY CHIPS. We use a specific variety with exactly the right shape, right size, with an extra thin peel and starchiness.  They are triple washed!   

What do you cook our chips in?
We only use premium peanut oil.

Do the oils you use contain trans fats? 
No, our oil does not contain trans fats. 

Product produced

Potato Chips

 Tripled washed, sliced thin with skin on,

 cooked till golden crisp and seasoned 

to perfection for your indulgence. 

Sweet Potato Chips

 Triple washed, sliced thin with skin on, 

cooked until  golden crisp, 

then lightly salted and served.

Pita Chips


Cooked until golden crisp, lightly salted and served.

Honey puffs (Beignets)

 Cooked until  golden crisp, 

drizzled with real honey or powder sugar and served. 

Tortilla Chips

Tortilla chips cooked by Jiminy Snacking Cooked until  golden crisp..

 Cooked until golden crisp and seasoned to your liking.


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