Price choppers (kansas City)

JiMiNY SnacKing Installation of potato chip machine

 The Ark Encounter (Williamstown, KY)

Sendik's Food Market (Mequon, WI)

Price Choppers (Overland Park, KS)


Services & Support

  • JiMiNY provides a first-class Maintenance & Repair service on all JiMiNY equipment.
  • Our dedication to top-tier customer service means we will help you source a supply of all components necessary to begin producing fresh chips immediately.
  • Three days of training on a fully-operational machine teaches aspiring Chip Masters the production methods, proper cleaning, maintenance, and touch-screen operation of a JiMiNY SnacKing.
  • Continued improvements on the JiMiNY SnacKing make it operator-friendly, quick-cleaning and easy-to-maintain.
  • Immediate Phone Technical Support 24/7

Detailed Services

  • JiMiNY will provide a lease of the JiMiNY SnacKing that your store can use to produce high quality potato chips.
  • You only pay JiMiNY for the use of the machine: $1.00 a bag produced or $ 30.00 per production hour.
  • All supplies & ingredients are charged at market price plus 15% and shipping.
  • Ingredients can be purchased from other vendors so long as they are JiMiNY-approved vendor first. 
  • A minimum hourly usage is required.


  1. 12 X 12 = 120 square feet of space
  2. 220V. 3ph. 60 Amp. Power required
  3. Utility sink for cleaning and washing hands (per local codes)
  4. Cold storage for raw ingredients
  5. Ventilation 6” pipe to outside
  6. Personnel for training the new Chip Master
  7. Retail Shelf space for the finished product
  8. UPC Code programming in your system.
  9. Bags and labels.

A Simple, Complete, Turnkey Snack Program.

The Jiminy SnacKing Machine package


When your company subscribes to our program, 

We will provide the equipment,  the know-how and training,

 and all necessary ingredients to produce an awesome product.

Contact us for a complete and comprehansive presentation.


From the computerized assisted cooking to the Nanotechnology to make the chips 

reduce the oil retention of each chip, to the natural ingredients used to produce the premium Jiminy Chips or your private label brand.

Jiminy In The News

Voted “Best Potato Chips to eat On Their Own”.
— Real Simple Magazine

“These crispy, fresh-tasting potato chips are cooked on-site. Will win over the chips obsessed.”
— Chicago Tribune

“Not only is the display entertaining, the chips are awesome.”
— Chicago Sun-Times

“I don’t think I let anyone else close to my bag… just don’t leave without a couple bags of Jiminy Chips.”
— Deborah Pankey, Daily Herald