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Potato Chip Machine

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Jiminy SnacKing Machine.
Self-contained, Oil maintenance, air filtration, Fire safety built-in, production of GIANT CHIPS (without folding).


Jiminy LLC designs and manufactures equipment to make the freshest, 

highest quality snacks right in front of the consumer.

Jiminy provides a turn-key solution with all equipment, training, 

ingredients and supplies necessary to produce fresh snacks on site.

We are an upscale potato chip venue that handcrafts freshly made 

potato chips on-site and in view of the customer.

We are opening fresh snack centers at strategic Supermarkets and 

at prime retail locations across the country as the next phase in the 

development of Jiminy Chips as a national retail brand. 

We do private label too.



Making chips in front of your customers for an ultimate in your face freshness. potato chip manufacturing potato chip equipment.

Sweet Potato Chips,

Potato Chips,

Pita Chips,

Tortilla Chips

Store Placement

The team at the installation. THE ARK ENCOUNTER

Give your customers a reason to return for more!

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